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Touched Romania exists to transform the lives of high

risk mothers and babies through:


  1. Caring for the needs of newborns and children abandoned in maternity hospitals and institutions in Bucharest.

  2. Helping to find responsible foster care families for abandoned children and supporting them while in foster care.

  3. Hagar Home Maternal Center provides an alternative to child abandonment and the opportunity to build a better future for at risk mothers and their children.





    In the mid-1990s, Raegan Glugosh, a Registered Nurse licensed in the State of California, discovered sections of newborn babies abandoned in maternity hospitals in Bucharest. Raegan, along with a multi-cultural team, began organizing a foster care program to place abandoned babies with loving families. Then, in 2005, as the rate of child abandonemnt continuted to rise, a prevention home for pregnant mothers in distress was opened.


    The ministry of Touched Romania helps provide hope and healing to at-risk, vulneralbe women and their children. Most recently, the ministry expanded to include a transition and aftercare community program, in a continued effort to support and disciple women as they integrate back into society. 




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