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A Mother's Journey

Everything started when a miracle happened…the birth of my little girl! My name is Alisa, I arrived at Hagar Home maternal center two years ago. It was at the maternity hospital where I gave birth, I first heard about Hagar Home Maternal Center, from a social worker.

When I first arrived at the home, I honestly didn`t know if I would be able to face the challenges of being a mother. It was there that I formed new relationships with people who helped support my child and me. I also came to know God and I saw firsthand how He worked personally in my life and through circumstances.

[endif]--For me, Hagar Home has been the family that I could always count on for anything! If it wasn’t for the support of this ministry, in getting me back in school, finding a job, and with childcare, I don’t know if I would still be with my child. Hagar Home has given me the opportunity of a new life, to understand that my life has meaning and the possibility to know God. Thank you for believing and investing in me! ![endif]--

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